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Open Adoption
Birthparents and adoptive families both can find information on open adoption.

Stand By Me Adoption
Adoption information for teens and young adults.

Lifetime Adoption
Find articles, stories and more about unplanned pregnancy, adoption and infertility.

How Do I Tell My Parents I'm Pregnant?
Confidenial tips and help for women facing an unplanned pregnancy.

Adoption Financing
Financing loans for your adoption needs.

Military Adoption
Adoption resources and encouragement for military birthmothers and adoptive families.

Adoption Prayer Bracelet
These bracelets are a great reminder to pray for adoption. Bracelets come in various vibrant and contemporary colors along with a unique charm!

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Adoption information from across the nation.

Lifetime Foundation
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African American Adoptions
Learn more about African American and bi-racial adoptions.

East Indian Adoption
Confidential adoption services for East Indian women facing an unplanned pregnancy.

Adoption Home Study Report
A special free report to explain the adoption home study requirements and answer the simple question, "What is a home study?"

Lifetime Adoption Magazine
View adoptive family articles and read valuable pregnancy tips.



Baby placed in an open adoptionThe face of adoption today is far different than just thirty years ago. Adoption is now based on an open, honest relationship with the birthfamily if they choose, and the blessing of adoption is shared with children from their earliest days.

Birthparents today have many choices, including choosing their child's family, the level of future contact they want, even what they wish their child's birth certificate to say. A birthparent may now feel more comforted as they see their child growing happy, healthy, and safe in the family that they themselves selected. Read more about the choices birthparents have today at

Open adoptionWhat does this mean for adoptive families? It means raising their child with honesty, reading children's books about how they grew under a heart that loved them enough to choose the ery best for them. It means knowing their child's medical history, a very valuable tool today. And it means being proud adoptive parents, treasuring the baby or child they have been chosen for.

Open adoption is a blessing for birthparents and adoptive familiesOpen Adoption is blessing both birth and adoptive families in so many ways. The end result for the child is that there are more people in their life who love them: something we can never have too many of. Learn how you can touch the life of someone else through adoption, and how your life in turn may be blessed.

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If you have questions about open adoption, please give the National Adoption Hotline a call or text at 1-800-923-6602.

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